Pads & Outriggerpads

Outrigger pads for cranes all types


Outrigger pads for truck cranes, drilling…

Joining together all the properties of outrigger pads STABline, the range mini STABpads is especially conceived for the stabilizers of trucks, small cranes, nacelles…. Its form is studied in order to be positioned on the stabilizer. the operator will have to worry only of the correct positioning at the start of actuation of the jacks.

Extremely practical, you will have only to arrange them on the comb delivered in option.


Joining together all the properties of outrigger pads STABline

Grip Treatment

Unique grip treatment Exclusive to the STABline range

This treatment enhances the slip resistance of your outrigger STABline. Made by “cardage dans la masse“ technique which makes it hard to wear. It brings stability for multiple layer applications




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