Blocks & Stack Pads

Blocks & Stack Pads and Sleepers & Stack pads with exclusive anti-slip coating

De différentes tailles, les bastaings se superposent aisément grâce à leurs poignées flexibles. Le traitement antidérapant des deux côtés de la surface des bastaings optimise le grip et permet une parfaite adhérence entre eux comme au sol.

Les bastaings sont facilement manipulables, ils se superposent aisément grâce à leurs poignées flexibles facilitant le réglage de la hauteur souhaitée.

They possess many qualities, including :

  • They’re unbreakable even under the heaviest loads
  • Water-repellent, rot-proof and lightweight under all weather conditions
  • Unrivalled durability compared to wood
  • Easily cleaned with high-pressure jet
  • Electrical insulators
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Can be used under extreme weather conditions (from -100° to +80°C)

STABline bastaings, essential for :

  • Ensure safety in the event of overlapping sleepers and stack pads
  • Adapt to even the most unstable and uneven floors
  • Evenly and pefectly distibute the floor load by dividing the weight
  • Doesn’t damage delicate soils such as asphalt, lawn, paving……

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