Blocks & Stack Pads

Blocks & Stack Pads and Sleepers & Stack pads with exclusive anti-slip coating

The Blocks & Stack Pads come in different sizes and can be stacked thanks to their flexible handles. The anti-slip coating on both sides of the surface of the Blocks & Stack Pads allows perfect grip between the pads and the floor.

The Blocks & Stack Pads are easy to stack and move thanks to their flexible handles, which also make height adjustment easier.

They possess many qualities, including :

  • They’re unbreakable even under the heaviest loads
  • Water-repellent, rot-proof and lightweight under all weather conditions
  • Unrivalled durability compared to wood
  • Easily cleaned with high-pressure jet
  • Electrical insulators
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Can be used under extreme weather conditions (from -100° to +80°C)

STABline bastaings, essential for :

  • Ensure safety in the event of overlapping sleepers and stack pads
  • Adapt to even the most unstable and uneven floors
  • Evenly and pefectly distibute the floor load by dividing the weight
  • Doesn’t damage delicate soils such as asphalt, lawn, paving……