Outrigger & Crane Pads

Enhanced stability

Discover the product Outrigger & Crane Pads

STABline  Outrigger & Crane Pads guarantee optimum protection for work on vulnerable or unstable floors.

They allow you to realize temporary way or platform of work for the access of all vehicles and all machines by ensuring you the maximum of stability and safety. Their lightweight and integrated handles will allow you a fast and safe installation.

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They possess many qualities, including

  • They are unbreakable even under the heaviest loads
  • Water-repellent, rot-proof, lightweight under all weather conditions
  • Unrivalled durability compared to wood
  • Easy cleaning with high-pressure jet
  • The Outrigger & Crane Pads are electrical insulators
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Can be used in extreme weather conditions (from -100° to +80°C)


STABline  Outrigger & Crane Pads are a essential for

  • Ensuring excellent foundation for your cranes, gondolas…
  • Adapt to even the most unstable and uneven floors
  • Distribute the load perfectly and evenly on the floor
  • Guarantee maximum safety and stability to your drivers
  • Preserve delicate soils such as asphalt, lawn, paving…

Stability reinforced

Stabline  Outrigger & Crane Pads – also known as distribution plates – are essential for the smooth running of a building site.

They guarantee the stability of your construction machines, mobile cranes, self-propelled cranes, auxiliary cranes, and nacelles, on all types of soil (grass, asphalt, paving…) protecting their nature and avoiding deformations.

Installing wedging plates increases the load distribution surface, thus reinforcing the stability of the machines and securing the work area, the equipment and above all the people working on the building sites.

Cushioning plates are solid, supporting machines up to 250 tons. Unbreakable and unalterable, the longevity of their use is assured.

They are also light, and easy to handle, saving on set up time.

Our objective is to ensure optimal intervention conditions building site operators. On one side, secure and facilitate their intervention and on the other protect soil from possible deterioration on the other.